-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   Welcome back to the Showreel: your weekly run-down of all things Schloss! Here you’ll find a tantalizing insight into some of our top shows and performances of the week. This week we’ve got some fabulous live music, some kinky kabaret and some all-round good times. You won’t believe what we’ve … Continued

Meet Carly, also known as Pixie Fitz. Pixie Fitz came into the performing industry as a trained dancer at 19 years of age, along the way she became a fire artiste, long-legged stilt walker, spark starter and last but not least, burlesque performer. Her dance acts and burlesque shows are not for the faint-hearted. Drawing … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   Welcome back to the Showreel! Do you want to know the insider info on what’s going on in our big and beautiful bier halle this week? We’ll let you into a little secret: you’ve come to the right place. The Showreel Blog turns 21 this week which means no holding … Continued

February 19, 2020


EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE DAY Arguably the best day of the year has finally come back around and this year our Cook Haus has truly outdone themselves to bring you the perfect treat before you inevitably (but don’t) have to give something up for 40 days.   ‘LET THEM EAT (PAN)CAKES’ – MARIE-ANTOINETTE This year we’re switching … Continued

THE 7 FOOT SUPERMODEL Wanna see a woman who could wrap herself around you at least twice? Call Banksie. International performer, actress, industry featured model and all-around top dog. An integral part of the Manchester drag scene Banksie is an advocate for diversity & the arts.  She can be found commanding the stage and captivating … Continued

Roll up roll up! Family Von der Zircus are proud to present: The Last Show on Earth! Here we have for your delight our collection of wondrous specimens, all shoveled from the rubble. Let’s celebrate and commemorate, marvel and mourn. But Hurry, don’t stall, for the curtains will soon close on us all! Prepare to … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   Welcome back to the Showreel, our weekly blog introducing you to our top upcoming shows. Our usual 7 Days of Showtime celebrates truth, beauty and freedom.  Read ahead to see what we’ve got going on this week… Come visit us every day Monday-Sunday for some amazing entertainment, but if you … Continued

This Tuesday 18th it’s the roaring 20’s all over again! Kunst Kabaret is back this week curated by Manchester’s spectacular Lil Queen and the Musical Meistro Jack Tinker.  We will be celebrating a decade of decadence and partying to excess like the Fitzgerald’s. Think flappers, fishnets, flamboyance, jazz, drama and utmost opulence.  Expect to be … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   Roll-up ladies and gentlemen, the Showreel is back! Our usual 7 Days of Showtime celebrates truth, beauty and freedom. This week however, you get all of those good things plus a handful of raunchy romance and a splash of sauce. It’s the week of lurve and you better believe we’re … Continued

Kunst Kabaret is delighted to announce that the extraordinarily fierce CLEOPANTHA will be joining us on stage this week for Kunst Kabaret’s Cupid’s Countdown on 11th February.  Cleopantha’s unique style fuses hip hop & commercial dance with striptease & burlesque; expect a high energy performance with a sprinkle of badass attitude. Cleo trained professionally at … Continued