Brunching throughout Summer should be a leisurely past-time, a delightful activity to discuss preferred avocado types, schmooze with fellow brunchers - and if you’ve escaped the office grind successfully, booze to your heart’s content. Jolly good!

Inspired by the classic cycling routes of continental Europe, we’ve created the Tour de Schloss route, an exclusive 22km cycling route designed for all ages and abilities showcasing our fair city.

Brand new sommer pudding serves. Join the klub and enjoy fresh puddings prepared by our in-house bakerie. Grab a seat at the table (and a couple of spoons).

Tour de Schloss provides an illustrious cycling route in the great outdoors, perfect for those leisurely weekend rides. Get on yer bike, then celebrate with a bier.

Any sterling Father deserves a right proper looking after, some quality ‘he’ time and an ice cold chilly Pilly. Look sharp, Father’s Day ist coming! Check out what we've got planned for your papa.

World Cup Schloss Shennanigans are kicking off. Bring your comrades and join us at the palace in front of das big screen for bier, sausages & fußball... Check out screening times here.

To celebrate the royal matrimony of Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle, we joyfully invite you to the wunderbar wedding extravaganza of the year.

Le Grand Tour is in full swing, inspired by Victorian bourgeois, Alpine flora, mountain botanicals and the classic cycling routes of continental Europe. We sat down with French Alp native David, the floral artisan behind FROG, and our palace’s biggest ever installation…

Kunst Kabaret has become our fair city's most renowned and lavish evening since its first curtain call last September and we invite you to extend our inner circle for another evening of debauchery, release and amorous entertainment. Oh ja!

Inspired by the Grand Tours of the Victorian bourgeois, Alpine flora, mountain botanicals, and the classic cycling routes of continental Europe. Le Grand Tour has launched. Adventure awaits.