With winter upon us, the time for indulgence and luxury is here. Our incredible team have taken inspiration from our recent Alpine adventures to bring you the most divine Hot Schokolades ever to land in Schloss. Check out our super Schokolades below! OUR HAUS SCHOKOLADE Alpine milk + dark chocolate, whipped cream, torched marshmallow   … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   The winds of change have been blowing here at Albert’s Schloss. What’s that? You want a snazzy new Winter Cook Haus menu? We’ve got that! And a brand spanking new WINTERMÄRCHEN drinks menu with some of the most exciting cocktails in town? We’ve got that too! Something that’s not changed … Continued

Wintermärchen (high German) meaning / Colloquial term for the perfect winter’s day or dark fairytale or fable. Our winter drinks list is inspired by our travels throughout Alpine Europe and the Black Forest. Dark botanicals, forest berries, all with a fairytale twist. Your winter awaits, here’s our most recommended… bottoms up! BLACKBERRY AND SLOE G+T … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   We have been cooking up a storm here at Albert’s Schloss. You may have already gotten a whiff of our plans, but New Year’s Eve 2019 at Schloss has hit the ground running. Read ahead for a breakdown of the hottest night of the year and how you can get … Continued

November 1, 2019


RAVISH IN THE LAST OF 2019. Celebrate the year’s finer things, those foolish mistakes we made after a few too many Pilsners and kiss the year goodnight at our haus this year.

After journeying across the Alps we’ve brought back the best of European Alpine feasting to our Cook Haus.  We’ve taken full inspiration from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Italy to bring you indulgent dishes.  Below is a selection from our new Cook Haus creations for this winter season. Join us at the table. SMOKED CHICKEN … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   Every year we get in into the spirit of Halloween with a festival of dark debauchery. Starring spooky innovations in the Cook Haus, dark spirits from the bar, blood-curdling creations in the bakery and some seriously devilish parties for you to get your knees up. This year is no exception, … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   As the days keep getting colder and colder, here at Albert’s Schloss we’re bringing the heat with another full week of top-notch, fiery content. We have 7 jam-packed days of celebrating truth, beauty, freedom and love with some of our favourite faces. Have we ever given you a night without some … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   It’s week 3 of the infamous showreel blog, how time flies when you’re soaking up world-class entertainment. We’re opening the week by transporting you back to the roaring 20s, then closing the week by soothing your soul with some dazzling gospel music. Last week we had 7 jam-packed days of … Continued

-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   It’s that time of the week again! We’re back to tell you about our most sought after, out of this world shows. The headliner this week is the highly anticipated Sunday entertainment: The Untold Orchestra. Read on for some more deserved praise on the orchestra, and check out what more … Continued