The Albert Hall and Albert’s Schloss are all set to become one gargantuan, opulent and sprawling pleasure palace for just one night only.

December 7, 2015


We are so hyped for the party season that we've given it a name..DECEMBERFEST! Read on for some of our Christmassy highlights!

There are plenty of people out there who treat Sunday evening as a Saturday night. This is mainly because a) You're not working 9-5 hours  b) You just get every inch out of your weekend or c) You're a full time party loon.

November 27, 2015


Now that the party season is well upon us, it's probably about time we announced our plans for New Year's Eve.

Wilkommen to Albert’s Cook Haus, Manchester’s very own Alpine retreat, inspired by every nook and cranny of Central Europe’s Alpine regions – rustic, natural, and rugged.

Not only are we Manchester's first Tankovna, earning us the noble title, Bier Palace, we are also home to the Cook Haur restaurant and Artisan bakery.

Calling all closet schuper stars out there. You know who you are. You got it don’t ya? Well, Tuesday nights are all about you...

November 4, 2015


We love a bit of razzle dazzle and Thursday nights are our weekly excuse to bring you glitz and glamour in spades.

November 3, 2015


Manchester is the greatest city in the world for most things but it has to be said that the skiing facilities could certainly be improved.

Who is Albert and what is a Schloss? If you've ever wundered about the origins of Manchester's Cook Haus & Bier Palace, wunder no more...