Supper Klub! Our very own Thursday night live musik festival (spelt intentionally with a K because we're a bit German) is gaining quite a reputation as the place to find electric & live performances

Back in the day, Prince Albert and his party squad would spend their weekends in grand country retreats and Bohemian Pleasure Palaces, away from prying eyes.

It is summer in the Cook Haus at Albert's Schloss and fresh new food also means glorious new wine. Here's our recommended rosé wines for summer. 

As part of our new summer Cook Haus menu, our chefs and bakers are teaming up to create a daily 'Sandwich of the Day'.

The new season brings fresh inspiration to our Cook Haus & Bakery. Exec Chef, Dan Mullen and Head Chef Will Taplin have created over 20 new dishes for the summer.

Each week our creative team showcases a plethora of live acts. From festival faves, Bohemian Gypsies, funk orchestras to dubstep disco...Welcome to Supper Klub.

Here's the lowdown on Albert's Grand Weekend Retreat. Join us from brunch till dawn in Manchester's Bohemian Pleasure Palace.

Tankovnas (tank pubs) are the bar staple of the Czech Republic, where the beer is culturally and socially the most important thing. Where drinkers expect a brewery fresh pint every time. 

It's true. We bake, we brunch, we lunch, we feast like Lords... and sure, sometimes we dance on the tables. Welcome to Albert's Schloss. Did we mention we also have a Bier Palace?

A guest remarked to our Bier Master the other day that 'As a Bier Halle you should only be serving Bavarian beer?'. A forgivable mistake.