October 12, 2017


WINTERMARCHEN (High German / Bavarian): Translation - Noun / A dark winter fairy tale- Expression / Colloquial term used to describe the perfect winter's day.

The Munich Beer Festival or Oktoberfest, is the largest festival in the world. Every year over 6 million beer lovers descend on Munich to enjoy the fruits of the heralded Bavarian breweries...and have a party!

We’re speedily assembling for one heck of a Bavarian throw down and a Bier Hall weekender like no other! In case you weren’t already enticed by our recently announced line-up we’ve got yet another reason for you to get your ‘Oktoberfestival’ on.

We're taking over the Albert Hall for a 3 day bier festival like no other. Just like in Munich. It's all about the bier. Our festival will be celebration of the best biers from Manchester & Bavaria and what we feel are the best biers in the world.

Manchester’s official Bier Palace, Albert’s Schloss are bringing the beers and the vibes to Manchester and will take over the award winning Albert Hall for a 3 day bier festival like no other.

Building on the success of last year's Oktoberfest at Albert's Schloss, we're taking things up a notch... next level WUNDERBAR!

This summer we are delighted to announce that from 8am Monday to Friday and 9.30am at the weekend, breakfast shall indeed be served everyday at Albert's Schloss! 

Our Prince Albert fathered 9 darling offspring and was quite the royal Papi. This Sunday we’re inviting all Dads (be they Prince or paupers) to pull their own frothing pint of Pilsner and indulge in a rather juicy steak special.

Albert's Schloss and our friends at Paulaner invite you to experience a modern take on the original biergartens of Bavaria. Complete with full floral installations, cocktails in bloom AND and some very special summer guest biers...

Inspired by the original biergärtens of Bavaria, the lavish garden parties of the Victorian bourgeois and the quintessential British summertime. We officially declare the 2017 Garten Season open!