LA POP UP FROG Our fabulous friends and floral artists @frogmcr return to Schloss at 12pm on Wednesday the 13th to  pop up ‘Le Petit – Fleuriste’, AKA ‘La Pop Up Frog’. The Northern Quarter florist had us all hot under the collar last year with dreamy displays in their bohemian boutique, so we’ve made … Continued

We welcome special guest DJ’s, musicians, presenters or performance artists to take over the Schloss and play their personal record collection until very late.

Mikey's passion for good, quality music still shows within him to this day, to the point where Mikey D.O.N is known all around the country for the hard work and effort he has put in over the years, thus gaining him an unmistakable reputation. One thing is for sure – whether rocking a club from behind the turntables, or holding a mic and delivering devastating lyrics, there’s no doubt Mikey D.O.N is THE force to be reckoned with!

For our 14th edition we invite BIOME & METRODOME Back to Mein… Biome (Earth Agency) Biome is a producer representative of this approach in that there is nothing rushed about his work and he only seems happy if what people are hearing from is something that he can call fully-formed. After first breaking into dubstep … Continued

Martin brings his band ‘The Soul Apostles’ who are a 4-piece groove machine to Schloss, performing a combination of songs written by Martin and the band and some wonderful versions of songs written by soul greats.

Winter ist here, the fire is lit, the cook haus is bustling and Albert has selected his top 5 winter warmers to tickle your taste buds this January

This Thursday’s NXNW host is Manchester-based Alice Gasson, an upcoming musical prodigy who presents a fusion of hip-hop, funk, disco, and neo-soul.

Entertainment continues in January as we are joined by the weird, the wild and the wonderment of live performance, music and cabaret. See our January line-up here

December 19, 2018

Xmas Line-Up

The weird, the wild and the wonderment of live performance, music and cabaret. While Albert has all your feasting desires covered, add a spot of live entertainment and drink a toast to the festive season.

December 13, 2018


This Monday's Back To Mein Hosts are the stars of the iconic 80s party - GIRLS ON FILM. We're talking shoulder pads, glitter balloons and pure anthems. We caught up with founder and pop power lady Hattie Pearson to hear about her all time top 10 bangers.