200 Years of Kultur This summer marks the 200th birthday of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Those Victorian lovebirds knocked up a pile of grand things during their reign. Prince Albert masterminded one of the greatest world exhibitions in history. The Great Exhibition was held at Hyde Park in 1851, showcasing industrial advancement and culture … Continued

7 days of Showtime // June Highlights Every night of the week, we celebrate the weird, the wild and the wonderment of live performance, music and cabaret. Here’s just a few June showstoppers that you won’t want to miss…   Gypsies of Bohemia North by North Wurst: Thursday 20th June As the UKs leading original … Continued

New Spritz on the Block For summer sipping indulgence, we’ve teamed up with St. Germain to create a selection of summer spritz delights. Each bottle of St.Germain contains 1000 wild elderflower blossoms, hand-picked by flower-gatherers during a few fleeting weeks in spring. When the delicate blossoms’ flavour and aroma are at their peak, they’re brought … Continued

Fathering 9 offspring, it’s almost impossible to imagine that our dear Prince Albert had the time for a little pamper whilst raising the royal gaggle, even on Father’s Day. At Schloss, we believe this to be utter ludicrousy! Any sterling father deserves a right proper looking after, some quality ‘he’ time and an ice cold … Continued

Celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus   This summer, we’re marking the 100-year anniversary of one of the most influential art movements in history. Introducing: a new bold and beautiful Bauhaus inspired cocktail collection. “KULTUR” High German// Noun The values, behaviour or way of life of a particular group, family or society Influenced by the the … Continued

Made For Your Summer Indulgence With every new season, comes fresh inspiration in the Cook Haus. Our trusty team of cheffing wizards have been working behind the scenes to deliver over 20 new summer creations. Feast your eyes on a few of our new line-up favourites… Black Forest Salad Crispy black forest ham, Alpine chèvre … Continued

May 16, 2019

Now in Bloom

After labouring tirelessly though to the early hours, our fabulous friends at FROG have only gone and blooming done it again. All rise for our new summer installation of wisteria, fit to rival last season’s display.

Over the past few years, we have reined as Manchester’s Bier Palace. Providing an unrivalled selection of Bavarian biers to the people of Manchester. And now, for the first time ever, we have created our our very own pure Mancunian pilsner. Introducing: Manchester Rein. “REIN” High German / Meaning ‘Pure’. Manchester Rein is quintessentially a … Continued

April 17, 2019

Make it Rein

BAVARIA x MCR Over the past few years we’ve made a name for ourselves in the Rainy City for providing an unrivalled selection of Bavarian biers to the people of Manchester. But now it’s time for us to take all our learnings and make our own stamp on the bier scene… Introducing: Manchester Rein. “REIN” … Continued

DESIGNED FOR INDULGENCE This holiday period we’ve got some Easter creations specifically designed for your indulgence ready to help end your 40 days fast… or however long you lasted. Relish in our delectable specials while you party your life away with the likes of Riot Jazz, DJ Jonjo & the incredible AMC Choir… for four … Continued