Throughout the month of March we’re celebrating our most beloved women from International Women’s Day to Mothering Sunday. Here at Albert’s Schloss we’re lucky enough to have a team full of wonderfully talented powerful women, we thought it was only right we showed them the love and respect they deserve!

Introducing to you (some of) The Women of Schloss…


This might be one of the first and friendliest faces you’ve encountered here at Albert’s Schloss, Róisín is our Restaurant Manager and you can find her overseeing the goings on of Schloss, hosting at the door, food running and sometimes even having a little boogie when she’s working on a Tuesday while the Kabaret is on.

She’s been with us for two years and hails from London town, she’s always loved the crazy addictiveness of Schloss and enjoys experimenting with her culinary skills! Róisín likes long walks on the beach and… oh this is not THAT kind of profile? Her favourite dishes are the  Cauliflower Salad and the Mushroom Spatzle, she’s always found with a beaming smile on her face so why not pop down and see her in action!



You can often find the extraordinarily talented Lucie front and centre on our stage, whether she’s performing on Sunday’s or causing a scene at Kunst Kabaret, she’ll be here! Lucie is a huge part of our family at Schloss and has been with us since we opened in 2015 – she performs regularly as well as working behind the scenes with our Entertainment team to co-curate some of the best Kabaret shows in town, she is a staple in our team.

She’s originally from down South but she’s been up North for eleven years… so we’ll let her be an honorary Northerner. When she’s not in our haus, you might find her dabbling in some vinyl Djing and teaching musical theatre, drama and singing lessons – you can usually spot her in a crowd by the way she dresses, think Professor Trelawney with black hair (extra points if you get the reference). Her favourite drink? A negroni, of course, we can’t say that we blame her!



You might have seen the lovely Amber pottering around our restaurant from time to time, she’s been with us for two years and started as a food runner and is now one of our best servers! She couldn’t pick a favourite Showtime but she loves our incredible Kunst Kabaret on a Tuesday and the more relaxed Sunday Service with our choir and Jazz band.

If you need a tip from the team – her favourite dish is the Mushroom Spatzle (it’s everyone’s favourite). You’ll sometimes find her running off to Camp America in the Summer or tucked away reading a book, but more than likely you’ll find her in our Schloss – don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ next time you see her!




These lovely women are just a few of the familiar faces you might see gracing our bier palace and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our Schloss family. Along with all our other wonderful women, from performers to chefs, to our floor and bar team we salute you. To celebrate we’ve partnered up with our friends at Hendrick’s gin and Rude Mechanicals to curate two delectable tipples for you to enjoy!


Gracie’s Gin Daiquiri

Hendrick’s gin, cranberry, rose, lime, strawberry

Rude Mechanicals

Feather-weight Punchy Pilsner


So raise your glasses, let’s rejoice for women everywhere!