The winds of change have been blowing here at Albert’s Schloss. What’s that? You want a snazzy new Winter Cook Haus menu? We’ve got that! And a brand spanking new WINTERMÄRCHEN drinks menu with some of the most exciting cocktails in town? We’ve got that too! Something that’s not changed around here is our world-class, daily entertainment. You can be sure that any time of the year, we’ll be here delivering you some out of this world debauchery.

Come visit us every-day Monday-Sunday for some amazing entertainment, but if you can’t afford to be hungover 7 days a week then make a note to catch these 3 unmissable nights:





Artful Musical Creation

9pm Start


This week our Back to Mein host is Sir Mikey Don. After being given his first record player in 1975, he has always had a special desire for vinyl. As a child being brought up around his father’s reggae sound system, Mellowtone, he started to collect records from a very early age. By 1979, he had already gained a mini collection, ranging from reggae pre-release 45’s to punk rock! From there on in, there was no looking back for him, continuing over the forthcoming years to keep collecting records. In 1982, he had one of his first experiences of DJ’ing to the public at a family reception.

One thing is for sure – whether rocking a club from behind the turntables or holding a mic & delivering devastating lyrics, the’res no doubt Mikey D.O.N is the force to be reckoned with!





Pleasure and Wonderment

10pm Start


Satan himself is coming to Manchester for one night to introduce the best entertaining sinners he has in his waiting room for hell. Music is provided by a band of bankers, and you may see some familiar undead faces. Will the anxiously waiting cast of our cabaret show encourage the dark lords to allow them to change their fate and end up in heaven instead? Or will they be doomed to an eternity of techno and bondage play (doesn’t sound too bad to us).

Catch us in the devil’s waiting room this coming Tuesday, sounds like it’s going to be a pretty thrilling evening.







Sunday Best – 2 / 3PM

Feel Good Choir – 4 / 5 / 6PM

Will Tramp – 7PM

Each week we give you guys the treat of a top-notch Sunday. If you’re nursing a hangover, we have a roast for that. If you’re looking to keep the weekend going as long as possible, then you can join us for some live music and a pint of something German. This Sunday, we have the fabulous jazz quintet serenading you with sweet jazz vibes. We also have the Feel Good Choir, doing their own feel-good thing.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it for you this Sunday. See you there!



That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next time for a little insight into our weird, wild and wonderful showtime at Albert’s Schloss.

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