200 Years of Kultur

This summer marks the 200th birthday of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Those Victorian lovebirds knocked up a pile of grand things during their reign.

Prince Albert masterminded one of the greatest world exhibitions in history. The Great Exhibition was held at Hyde Park in 1851, showcasing industrial advancement and culture from around the world. The profits were used to develop a centre for the arts and sciences – now the stand for The Natural History Museum and the Royal Albert Hall.

It’s no wonder we’ve named him our very own Prince of Kultur.


High German// Noun

The values, behaviour or way of life of a particular group, family or society

This summer also marks the 100-year anniversary of the Bauhaus art school, bringing modern art to the world. Join us at the Schloss as we celebrate bier kultur, cocktail kultur, music, food, art, entertainment and horticulture. Prepare to be delighted by artistic creations, new spectacles and innovations.