There are plenty of people out there who treat Sunday evening as a Saturday night. This is mainly because a) You’re not working 9-5 hours  b) You just get every inch out of your weekend or c) You’re a full time party loon.

If you are one of these people, then you really ought to know that Sunday nights at Schloss are turning into quite a bit of a thing. We are pumping things up even more this weekend with the arrival of some uber disco pals. Step forward Stevie Wonderland & WILL TRAMP!


A CELEBRATION OF ALL THINGS D.I.S.C.O, BRINGING PROPER PARADISE GARAGE & STUDIO 54 VIBES – including the dancers, the divas and all the stuff that went with it  We love these guys and you will too. Electric disco, boogie , carnival soul and formative house. This DJ collective have been putting on some amazing parties of late.

They can’t bring the roller disco this time round but maybe if we show them how we party they can bring it next time…maybe in Albert Hall? Somebody write that down!


MANCHESTER’S SUPER-RAVING-DISCO-MAN! William’s stock is so high right now that he can demand that his name is always written in CAPITAL LETTERS with an exclamation mark at the end. The rest of the line up always seem to be more than happy with standard lower case format and then there he is ‘WILL TRAMP!’ popping off the page all shouty – like a text message from your Nan.

This irregular use of capitalisation is totally acceptable though, because WILL TRAMP! knows his music, particularly his disco. He’s been delighting ravers all over the place of late from numerous shifts at The Warehouse project and Homo-Electric to supporting Duran Duran on their Arena tour – BIG THINGS!

We are super pumped that we finally have him locked down to do a first Schloss set and super-duper pumped that it’s gonna be filthy disco!!

Make sure you give the mix (above) a good listen as he made it especially to get you into the Wonderland groove.


We’ll be getting all our glittery bits out for the Sunday party crowd. Balls, curtains, eyeshadow etc.

Forget your Blue Monday because Sunday’s are now WUNDERBAR!

xxx Albert xxx