New Spritz on the Block

For summer sipping indulgence, we’ve teamed up with St. Germain to create a selection of summer spritz delights.

Each bottle of St.Germain contains 1000 wild elderflower blossoms, hand-picked by flower-gatherers during a few fleeting weeks in spring. When the delicate blossoms’ flavour and aroma are at their peak, they’re brought back to the village and using age-old French techniques, turned into a light and refreshing elderflower liqueur – St. Germain.


The Line-up

Elderflower and Wild Raspberry Spritz

Didsbury Raspberry and Elderflower Gin, Chambord, St.Germain, lemon, prosecco, soda, raspberries.

Rose and Elderflower Spritz

Lillet Rose, St. Germain, William Fox Hibiscus, soda, lemon.

Green Ribbon

St. Germain, elderflower cordial, Italicus, apple, cucumber, lime.

St.Germain Spritz

Signature Serbe, prosecco, St. Germain, soda.