Welcome to your weekly dose of All Things Schloss.  This is the Showreel: a run down of the top events and shenanigans we have going on during the week, giving you a sneak peek of the fabulous performances and shows that we have curated just for you.

December is here! Which means the roads are paved with ice, people are picking their secret santas, and our entertainment is revving up heading towards Christmas 2019.  As the start of the festive season unfolds, we are offering some truly tantalizing events. Our entertainment team has curated our finest ever programme; from extreme dark cabaret to exclusive live performances seven days a week. Come on in and sit by the fire…





Pleasure and Wonderment.


Kunst Kabaret is a real doozy this week, welcome to the stage…The Hoochie Cootchie Holiday Hotel. Are you fed up of everyone talking about Christmas, when we still have a month to go? Do you wish the holiday season would just hurry up so you can switch off and get loose? Are you reading this in the style of a 1950s advertisement? Good! Then head down to The Hoochie Cootchie Holiday Hotel- brought to you by Kunst Kabaret at Albert’s Schloss. 





One stage, two grand pianos, endless requests.

Baby Grand Slam is your chance to hear whatever you want. We have 2 talented performers battling it out on stage, taking audience requests to give you the night you’ve always dreamed of.  After a week of Elton tributes from the BBC we go piano mad! Everyone loves a little Elton John, and we here at Albert’s Schloss are no exception. This week Chris Howards and Alice Gasson bring us the hits for the Baby Grand Slam. Both of them are talented artists in their own right, with a wealth of both knowledge and experience and we promise you they’re gonna deliver a night to remember.





Art haus spectacular of creatives and musicians.

And so it begins…CHRISTMAS! Someone sprinkled some stardust on the toy box and something magical has happened to our Christmas toys in Schloss. See everything from real-life wind up dolls to jack in the box out of his box! Live Haus band fronted by Martin Conno and Ellern Lewis with accompaniment from the bad fun boys on the decks. Expect to be whisked away to a different, and more festive land.


That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next time for a little insight into our weird, wild and wonderful showtime at Albert’s Schloss.

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