Safety Guidance

Our priority is the safety of our team, guests, and visitors. To keep everyone safe we would ask that you follow the
below guidance.
1) Respect other guests’ distance – please allow 1m+ meters between you and other guests and our team
2) We will operate in a way to protect your safety and distance, so please do not think we are being distant if
we are not spending as much time at your table as we used to; if you need anything we are here to help.
3) Please queue on the designated floor markers to ensure you are at a safe distance.
4) Please only sit at a table which is marked with a green disc – this indicates that it has been sanitised and is
safe and ready for action.
5) Each table party is part of the same bubble and are permitted to sit next to one another however please do
not join other tables and respect distance from those not in your party.
6) Toilets – Our toilet locations have not changed, please ensure you maintain safe social distancing on route to the toilets and whilst using them.
7) The accessible toilet remains in the same location.
8) Please sanitise your hands at entry and prior to exit, also before and after visiting the bathroom.
9) All payments where possible should be made by contactless credit or debit card.
10) Our team will be following strict routines of handwashing and sanitising.
11) Drink only orders can be placed using our at table app – please scan the QR code on the reverse of your
beer mat or visit
12) If you are ordering food, please place your order with a server or if you would prefer to minimise
interaction make a note of the items you require on your paper menu.
13) Please feel free to order drinks at our bar, please follow our bar grid for social distancing and safe service. Once your drinks have been made please ensure you head back to take a seat at your table.
14) Hand sanitiser is available at hand wash stations, and we will be following a robust cleaning system
including customer touch areas and guest surfaces.
15) Please consume alcohol responsibly to ensure we are all able to maintain our duty of care to everyone.
16) Unfortunately, if guests do not co-operate with the new guidelines, they may be asked to leave

17) Dogs | Small dogs are allowed until 7pm. They are not allowed in the restaurant area. Please ensure you leave a note on your booking  to let us know you are bringing a dog.