Meet Carly, also known as Pixie Fitz.

Pixie Fitz came into the performing industry as a trained dancer at 19 years of age, along the way she became a fire artiste, long-legged stilt walker, spark starter and last but not least, burlesque performer.

Her dance acts and burlesque shows are not for the faint-hearted. Drawing in the audience with dark themes, fun and a whole lot of mess. Milk, glitter, champagne, foam, silly string – you name it, She’ll roll around in it.

As well as becoming her alter-ego Pixie, she’s also created one of Manchester’s finest performance troupes, Carmina Entertainment. They are the weird and the wonderful, the silly and the sexy, the bold and the brilliant performers who can do it all!

You can find them taking over the stage at Albert’s Schloss every so often, however, we must warn you, they don’t bite but they will show you a damn good time!

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