Lady Wildflower commands audiences with her fierce & high-energy performance filled with drama & passion. Wildflower’s show-stopping acts dazzle, entrance & delight!

She has been voted in the Top 20 UK Burlesque Performers every year since 2014.  In 2018 she was voted 67th in the world’s top 100 Burlesque performers! She also won the 2016 Stockholm nipple tassel twirling award for the best technique – and kept her tassels twirling continuously for 15 minutes.

With 20 years of stage experience, Lady Wildflower has trained in drama & theater as well as a wide variety of dance styles including contemporary, disco-freestyle, ballroom & Latin American.

As well as performing, Wildflower is a popular and respected burlesque tutor.  She teaches regular courses and her workshops are world-renowned; her students have gone on to become internationally acclaimed, award-winning Burlesque artists.

You can catch the amazing Lady Wildflower and her dazzling performance on stage at Albert’s Schloss; definitely not an act to miss!
Instagram: @lady_wildflower
Twitter: @ladywildflower1