It’s our fifth year of Manchester Vs Munich action with the return of Oktoberfest in our beloved Albert’s Schloss. Last year it was hard to celebrate, but this year, from the 20th of September until 6th October, the renowned, extraordinary and famed themes of Munich celebrations once again breach the doors of our venue.



Oktoberfest’s history is one that’s overlooked, as the event has grown, traditions change, but the message behind it – one that consists of the joining of families, mass celebration, and of course beer, stay the same. In 1810, following the marriage of King Louis 1st and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, the city of Munich were invited to join the celebrations outside the city gates. A five day celebration took place, and thus, Oktoberfest was born.



To kick us off we’ll be sticking to Schloss tradition with a star tapping the very first keg, a massive opening party, steins, bier flights, pretzels, dancing damsels, and plenty of Albert’s Schloss debauchery!

Join us on the Monday the 20th because we’re bringing in the British percussionist, dancer, DJ, and Happy Mondays pioneer – Mark Berry, AKA the icon that is… Bez. Bez will be tapping the very first keg and performing an exclusive ‘Back to Mein’ DJ set to start Oktoberfest in style. What’s more, we’ll keep the party going ’til the beers gone.

We also have the finest brass collective in the North West, Twisted Tubes, who’ll be playing beats in haus throughout the festivities accompanied by  our usual Seven Days of Showtime Lineup. Oh mein Goshe!



Just like previous years in Albert’s Schloss, and the many years in Munich. We’ll be taking advantage of every opportunity to dress ourselves in proper German style. To all our dirndl daring and lederhosen wearing friends that wish to join us, you’ll be receiving a free bier on das haus. PROST.




Manchester’s going full Munich. Direct from Bavaria to your glass. Five biers you’ll struggle to find anywhere outside of the official festival.
Once they’re gone… they’re gone!




‘First tapped’: Traditionally, the first bier barrel tapped open by the Mayor of Munich every year.

Notes | Aromatic, amber and malty.



‘A Bavarian Institution’: The Löwenbräu brewery is home to one of the oldest bier gardens.

Notes | Light-bodied, amber and pure.



‘Bavarian Heaven’ Unique taste created by the variety of Bavarian barleys.

Notes | Deep amber, malty and hoppy.



‘Sense of occasion’: The strongest of our Oktoberfest biers.

Notes | Rich, golden and strong.



‘The Bavarian Powerhaus’: One of the most recognised Bavarian breweries.

Notes | Burnt toffee with a masterful hop balance



Just like the famous biers our Bavarian brothers are known for, their sausages are next to none when it comes to flavour. Our chefs have specially selected four to accompany the special guest biers from Munich for you all to feast upon.


BRATWURST – Traditional smoked pork.

KAISERWUST – Pork, swiss cheese.

CURRYWURST – Beef, chilli.

HUNTWURST – Wild Boar, venison, pork.


All thats left is to choose how you want it.


CLASIC – Bun and fries.

BIER HALLE – German potato salad, sauerkraut and mustard.

SAUSAGE FEST –  3 haus wurst, served biere halle style.


We’ve not had chance to celebrate like this in a while. So we ask all of you who want (and need) a celebration to join us. OKTOBERFEST IS RETURNING!

Oh mein goshe its going to be good!