The New Season Awaits

Great things come to those who work all night. After labouring tirelessly though to the early hours, our fabulous friends at FROG have only gone and blooming done it again. All rise for our new summer installation of wisteria, fit to rival last season’s display.

Following a recent trip to Paris, chief floral artist, David Jayet-Laraffe, was inspired by the ancient Wisteria trees planted outside Kew Gardens.

“Wisteria is the flower of the moment in Paris. We wanted to create something completely different to the other floral displays in Manchester. Something natural and organic.”

David Jayet-Laraffe

To create our summer spectacle, more than 4000 flowers have been meticulously woven into beautiful twisting climbers.

The long hours of labour were all made worth it to see the beaming smile of our early morning witness, Valerie, who stopped by to admire the handiwork.

Join us at the Schloss to marvel over our new entrance, sure to knock your royal stockings off.