Albert’s Schloss is a place like no other from our spectacular entertainment, ever-growing beer selection, high-quality food and last but by no means least the world-class team who our venue what it is. Here’s a glimpse behind the apron into who they really are.

Those who have visited us before will have had the pleasure of meeting some of our wonderful team. It all begins when you walk through the doors. You’ll be greeted with a huge smile by any and all of the gang.

Behind this bright and cheeky smile is Jessica you may recognise her name from some of our reviews. Jess is an inspiring actress with many plays already under her belt and is currently performing in a play in London. You may even recognise her from our very own stage showing off her moves.

If you’ve only ever just popped in for a drink you’ll surely have had the pleasure of meeting one our many hard-working and talented bartenders. This is Jorge since joining our team he’s never come to work without his smile as you can see. When Jorge’s not serving the folk of Manchester he’s tearing up the dance floor with his award-winning salsa moves feel free to ask him to show you his footwork. (but not when he’s pouring pints.)

This is just a snippet of our amazing team next time you’re in, why don’t you take some time to get to know a few more.