Over the past few years, we have reined as Manchester’s Bier Palace. Providing an unrivalled selection of Bavarian biers to the people of Manchester. And now, for the first time ever, we have created our our very own pure Mancunian pilsner.

Introducing: Manchester Rein.


High German / Meaning ‘Pure’.

Manchester Rein is quintessentially a classic Pilsner made in Manchester. Starting with the most important ingredients, a classic German yeast and Munich malt, providing the base for an authentic Bier Halle flavour, with English Hops and used Manchester water then added. Manchester Rein is made in accordance with Reinheitsgebot, a German Bier Purity Law, but brewed it right here in Manchester.

Sitting perfectly between Paulaner and Pilsner Urquell at 4.5%, the brau is slightly less hoppy, boasting a peachy nose and a nutty body that’s topped off with a creamy finish.

Our very own Bier Master Robbie Mills stated: “As Manchester’s Bier Palace we’ve learnt a lot about beer over the last three years. We’ve always had a dream to brew our own; we’ve played around with recipes and been working out how to do so for a while. Quite simply, we’ve taken our learnings from serving the best bier on the planet –  Czech pilsners and Munich lager.”

“After a few years of trial and error, our fresh and unpasteurised pilsner is now ready and on the taps!”

This marriage of Bavarian bier supremacy and Manchester passion creates a truly unique new pilsner. The best of Manchester meets the best of Munich.