RIOT JAZZ – A 9 STRONG BRASS GROUP WHO HAVE TOURED THE WORLD WITH THEIR INCREDIBLE ORIGINAL MATERIAL AND BRILLIANT TAKES ON SOME CLASSICS. Riot Jazz Brass Band hail from the grimy protoplasm of Manchester’s prolific creative scene. Since 2008, they have been spreading unconditional love and irresistible energy across the nation and continent.

The 9-strong troupe is comprised of three trumpets, three trombones, drums, sousaphone, and fronted by the prodigious MC Chunky. The sheer enjoyment and passion which emanates from these musicians as they party on stage are as infectious as it is inspiring.

Line – Up

Golden Axe – Ellis Davies & Rik Warren – 8pm & 9pm

Riot jazz

DJ Hattie – 6pm-10pm

DJ Rich Reason – 10pm-2am


Thursday 27 Peter St