Pleasure & Wonderment
Kunst // (German translation)


a:t / noun

The expression of application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Kunst Kabaret invites you to the dark corners of the performance world. Home to the cabaret resurgence and an almighty art revolution.

Expect debauchery, seduction, excess and all things enchanting.

Kunst Kabaret boasts an elite and diverse roster of high-brow, obscure and alluring performers; each show curated like no other before.

Line – Up

Kabaret sets – 10pm/11pm & 12am

DJ Kit Muir- 8.30pm-2am


Don Vinaste @ miss_lei_lei


The Cincinatti sisters

Sally Smithson – @ sally.smithson

Ruby Foran Parkinson – @ rubyforanparkinson

Juno Birch – @junobirch

Lily Von Ice – @ alice_ashurst

Lill Queen – @lillofficial