Every Thursday we’re joined on stage by locally and nationally sourced artisanal beats and vibes.

Twisted Tubes – 9/10pm/12am

Baked A La Ska– 11pm-12am

On The Eleventh Hour we feature originals bands from all over the country to perform a one hour slot – it’s a chance encounter of the eclectic and eccentric.

Baked A La Ska are the “heavy heavy sound” of Manchester, a super charged 11-headed ska monster on a rampage through the dance floors of the UK leaving a trail of skanked out bodies in their wake. It’s a band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard Mr John Ellis, fronted by an un-holy trio of singers: Frank “The Skank”, Tommy Robot and Kuntri Ranks, who combine with the soft lilt and harmonica magic of Robin Sunflower. Baked A La Ska also feature one of the tightest rhythm sections in Manchester with the “chops to make you drop”. The band have release four acclaimed albums showcasing their trademark mix of spaced out and spooky originals plus quirky covers that have been put through their ska machine.

DJ Rich Reason – 7pm-2am



Albert's Schloss 27 Peter St