Our master bakers begin each day at 5:00AM to make sure the patisserie delicacies you see on our bakery shelves are ready for you every single morning.  So, we thought we’d do a countdown of our top 5 favourite cruffins of 2019.  Hats off to our in-haus baking wizards for making such delicious and creative treats for us to enjoy!


5. Lamington Cruffin

Crikey! In 5th place we have the Lamington cruffin from down under: raspberry jam, chocolate glaze & flaked coconut; It’s a beaut.


4. Lemon Curd & Toasted Marshmallow

ozing ‘ell, Lemon curd and toasted marshmallow takes 4th place.  Oof.


3. Christmas Cruffin

In 3rd place we have the Christmas cruffin! We love a themed cruffin don’t we? Especially one as cute looking as this! Inside this beauty there’s cranberry compote, with a raspberry buttercream & lemony marshmallow Santa hat on top.  Bonus points for Maria’s fab hand modelling.


2. Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Cruffin

2nd place goes to the delicious chocolate, peanut butter & marshmallow cruffin.  Apparently, heaven is a place on earth and it can be found right here in this lovingly made baked good.


1. Pride Cruffin

And the winner is… the iridescent unicorn pride cruffin. These colourful pastries were baked to coincide with Manchester Pride festival; celebrating LGBT+ equality and culture.  10/10 for aesthetics and flavour with a yummy apricot filling.