Celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus


This summer, we’re marking the 100-year anniversary of one of the most influential art movements in history.

Introducing: a new bold and beautiful Bauhaus inspired cocktail collection.


High German// Noun

The values, behaviour or way of life of a particular group, family or society

Influenced by the the Staatliches Bauhaus, which brought modern art to the world, our bar boffins have created a brand spankin’ new line-up. Expect colourful and artful creations, encapsulating a true sense of Bohemia.

New residents include …

Watermelon and Peach

Beefeater gin, June peach and summer fruits gin liqueur, watermelon, lemon, watermelon, tonic.

The Red Minimalist

Grey Goose vanilla, moose, Supasawa, cranberry, raspberries, lemon, maple syrup, raspberry dust.

Green Haus

HYKE gin, Haycock’s No.9 liqueur, Chartreuse, Supasawa, apple, tarragon, basil, mint, cucumber, Mrs Betters bitters, thyme.

Blue Blood Crush

Grey Goose citron vodka, St. Germain, coconut, Belvoir cordial, Supasawa, Briottet Blue Curacao, Absinthe, lemon.