January 18, 2016


WE CATCH UP WITH OUR RESIDENT SONGBIRD. HIDE THE MEZCAL.. IT’S JENNA G! ALBERT| So Jenna, you sing ALL THE TIME! What Schloss tipple keeps your vocal chords so well lubricated? JENNA | The Rose Mezcal Margarita. I love the smokey flavour. Tequilla is great but Mezcal is what Mexicans drink but they don’t really send it out a lot. They … Continued

BEER, TEMPTATION & RAVING SELLING FAST – QUICK HERE TO GET TICKETS NOW! Seeing as Albert’s Schloss resides on the ground floor of one of the most acclaimed live music venues in the world (The Albert Hall). It was only going to be a matter of time before beer, temptation and raving got the better of us and we joined … Continued

December 7, 2015


SO DAS IST CHRISTMAS!   DECEMBERFEST IS HERE… We are so hyped for the party season that we’ve given it a name..DECEMBERFEST! Here’s some of our Christmassy highlights… 1. DAS BIERS SUPER NEW CHRISTMAS BREWS… – ERDINGER SCHNEEWEIß. Deep winter wheatbeer. If your German is a bit Year 9 (like ours!) then allow us to learn you good, ‘SCHNEEWEIß’  means ‘SNOW WHITE’.  The summer malts … Continued

November 27, 2015


ZERO HOUR IN DAS PLEASURE PALACE! LIMITED TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE – CLICK HERE  Since we opened the palace gates last month, our resident troop of DJs, dancers, performers, musicians  and weirdos (Haus Boheme) have been consistently smashing out new levels of party wonderment to wide acclaim. Now that the party season is well upon us, it’s probably about time … Continued

ALBERT’S SCHLOSS + ALBERT HALL RAVING = ABOVE AVERAGE TUESDAY… FROM 6PM | OPEN MIC (SCHLOSSIFED) “A lot of people who are artists don’t understand it themselves. Especially the young ones. They feel different, but they don’t know what it is. They feel more. Everything hurts. Everything. They’re super sensitive. They see things that other people … Continued

November 4, 2015


ACHTUNG! STARRING DJ HATTIE & THE INCREDIBLE CHA CHA BOUDOIR ‘GUILTY PLEASURES… AND AS SASSY AS HELL’ We love a bit of razzle dazzle and Thursday nights are our weekly excuse to bring you glitz and glamour in spades. Our Thursday resident Deeej is the super-smashing-lovely DJ Hattie, who will be pumping up the volume on the ones and twos from 6pm. … Continued

November 3, 2015


IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE… Manchester is the greatest city in the world for most things but it has to be said that the skiing facilities could certainly be improved. Think about it, when you list out the great ski resorts, Val Thorens, St Anton, Vale and so on, Manchester rarely seems to get as much as a mention. This situation must be addressed, … Continued