A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY At the age of 18, Queen Victoria came to the throne. Over the course of her reign her popularity grew, as she continued to show strength and courage, surviving seven attempts that were made on her life. Prince Albert (our namesake) and his beloved Queen Victoria banged out a grand … Continued

Our team of disco divas sure know how to put on a party for all you pleasure seekers out there and alas, three whole days of glorious, guilt-free entertainment set out like a sweet-treat trail of discovery at your favourite retreat. Expect the hottest DJs, live music, mischief & mayhem. Royal debauchery guaranteed! FREITAG WISH YOU … Continued

LOVE BIRDS After banging out no less than 9 children, it’s hard to think of a more loved up couple than Prince Albert (our namesake) and his beloved Queen Victoria. In fact, when Albert passed away, Victoria was so distraught that she wore black, every day for 40 years! Bless ‘em! These epic Victorian love … Continued

SANTA IS COMING! I KNOW HIM! Prepare yourself for some Christmas magic, even if you have seen this movie 4,783.246,743 times, you will NEVER have experienced it like this before. Our dear friends upstairs in Manchester’s Albert Hall are bringing the loudest and most festive Christmas house party this side of the Arctic Circle to … Continued

SCHLOSS TURNS ONE How the blazes did a whole year go by since we opened up the palace gates? It’s been a rather beautiful blur since last October and we’ve loved every minute. We are very proud of the whole gang and what a team we have. From bass players to bakers, dancers to DJs, beer masters to baristas, sausage stuffers to sequin … Continued

HELLO SCREAMS Halloween shouldn’t just be about the knees up. A good and proper fright night should mean a right good pant cacking or otherwise you are  really just raving again. Same shit, different costume. PYSCHO LIVE To ensure optimum levels of fear. loathing and adrenaline our good pals upstairs at Albert Hall (now officially Manchester’s No1 live music venue) are installing a … Continued

RAZZLE THY DAZZLES… We’ve had quite a summer at Manchester’s Bohemian Pleasure Palace and our elite party squad are going all out to put on an uber glitzy season finale. So prepare yourself to have your razzles well and truly dazzled at our biggest Bank Holiday shindig to date.. Here’s some of the highlights..Oh and we’re starting things on Thursday to ensure … Continued

SUPPER KLUB | AUGUST RINSE OUT Supper Klub! Our very own Thursday night live musik festival (spelt intentionally with a K because we’re a bit German) is gaining quite a reputation as the place to find electric and FREE live performances. From acoustic speed garage, orchestral dubstep and acoustic disco we’re pretty much open to all – as long as it makes us … Continued

THE SUPPER KLUB Drink, dine, dance on the tables…5 weeks of live music and over indulgence at The Supper Klub this June. Each week our creative team showcases a plethora of live acts. From festival faves, Bohemian Gypsies, funk orchestras to dubstep disco…Welcome to Supper Klub. Book a table now   DAS LINE UP THURSDAY 2ND … Continued

Albert’s Schloss presents Stevie Wunderland Live! CHEESE & PICKLE What does Bank Holiday Sunday mean to you? For some it’s a visit to a National Trust Heritage park on an inevitably rainy day with a cream tea and a cheese sandwich. For others it’s a trip to the hardware store and a long over due … Continued