“No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.” ~ Winston Churchill ALBERT’S RADLERS – TOUR DE SCHLOSS Inspired by the classic cycling routes of continental Europe, your palace has created Tour de Schloss, an exclusive cycling route designed for all ages and abilities. With a scenic, urban and fun route, the … Continued

Fathering 9 offspring, it’s almost impossible to imagine that our dear Prince Albert had the time for a little pamper whilst raising the royal gaggle, even on Father’s Day. At Schloss, we believe this to be utter ludicrousy! Any sterling Father deserves a right proper looking after, some quality ‘he’ time and an ice cold … Continued

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! To celebrate the royal matrimony of Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle, we joyfully invite you to the wunderbar wedding extravaganza of the year. From 9am Thursday, our doors will open for guests to indulge in a myriad of treats to mark the occasion, including, royal wedding breakfasts, Silver Service, Royales … Continued

Kunst Kabaret has become our fair city’s most renowned and lavish evening since its first curtain call last September. This Tuesday we invite you to extend our inner circle for another evening of debauchery, release and amorous entertainment. Oh ja! With our eccentric squad of neo-burlesque performers ever increasing, our extreme Kabaret has never been … Continued

  THE ROYALE EASTER LINE-UP Rise and rise again as you join us for six days of glorious bank holiday Easter frolicking, debauchery and indecency. May the next six days of your life be blessed with fine food, sweet indulgence and tabletop dancing.   FUEL FOR THE FIRE To party on an empty belly ist … Continued

WHISH YOU WERE HERE We’ll be joining forces with Jameson Irish Whiskey for lashings of liquid luck this St Patrick’s Day. Forget the week’s woes and join us for a wee wild one. Simply sip the Irish nectar, be merry and forget about the consequences.   A WEE JIG Whilst the whiskey kicks in, be … Continued

A KUNST SHAPED HOLE One would assume our festive guests quite fancied das Kunst Kabaret? One may also assume that a Kunst shaped hole has developed in many a Manchester heart since the curtain fell on Kunst Kabaret for its final time in December. 12 weeks truly flew by; word spread like wild fire, crowds … Continued

PROMENADER noun: an immersive character performer who enhances a spectator’s experience, through interactive play and multi-faceted disciplines including; song, dance, improvisation, circus, burlesque and drag. synonyms: thespian, artiste, artist, entertainer, trouper A category of colourful, crazy, wonderful, ridiculous, impromptu characters that sometimes came from a small seed of an idea, or otherwise came from time … Continued

Every week our Promenaders & Haus Band take on a new theme at the Schloss. From surrealist new world’s of Mad Max, Schloss Airways, OuttaSpace, Studio 54, Ski Season, Wonderland & even most recently, Whoville – it seems there’s no boundaries or limitations to what we can create at our Haus. In order to fully … Continued

ONE NIGHT ONLY   TUESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER To officially launch the winter party season, for one night only we will be showcasing all artistes, vocalists and live musicians from all seven nights of our entertainment programme. All on stage together for one glorious night… and rather epic party! We are inviting our dearest friends and … Continued