November 16, 2016


SAVE YOUR SOUL Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to indulge in seventh day heaven. Join the Manchester congregation at Albert’s Schloss every Sunday for the biggest roast in the city. PRAISE HIM The stars of the show are the Cook Haus Roasts. Rack of Cheshire pork, topside of beef or for the veggie devotee in the … Continued

  JAMMIEST BITS O’JAM* Back in the day, Prince Albert and his party squad would spend their weekends in grand country retreats and Bohemian Pleasure Palaces. Away from prying eyes and the stresses of royal life. This high level of escapism inspires us all at Alberts Schloss. We believe weekends, Sundays in particular, should be done properly, like our Victorian namesake would have … Continued

OUR DAILY BREAD If you didn’t know, we have our very own bakery where we make all our artisan breads and pastries fresh everyday. SANDWICH OF THE DAY As part of our new summer Cook Haus menu, our chefs and bakers are teaming up to create a daily ‘Sandwich of the Day’. This is good news as we hope more … Continued

FRESH NEW THINGS The new season brings fresh inspiration to our Cook Haus & Bakery. Exec Chef, Dan Mullen and Head Chef Will Taplin have created over 20 new dishes for the summer. Here are just a few of our fresh new things… BERLIN SPICED PULLED LAMB KEBAB The  ‘Posh Schloss Kebab’ will be available all summer long. Twice cooked, pulled crispy lamb, … Continued

UPGRADE YOUR BANK HOLIDAY SUNDAY Here’s the lowdown on Albert’s Grand Weekend Retreat. Join us from brunch till dawn in Manchester’s Bohemian Pleasure Palace. Click here to make a reservation  WE’RE STARTING EARLY On Sunday 29th May we are seizing the day and opening the palace gates at 10am. SUMMERTIME IN THE COOK HAUS As if by magic, … Continued

BAKERY & COOK HAUS HIGHLIGHTS It’s true. We bake, we brunch, we lunch, we feast like Lords… and sure, sometimes we dance on the tables. Welcome to Albert’s Schloss. Did we mention we also have a Bier Palace? Here’s some of this month’s highlights from our Cook Haus & Bakery team. Join us from brunch till dawn. 1. Chorizo & … Continued

BAKE HAUS TREATS & SERIOUS EATS FOR YOUR EASTER WUNDER WEEKEND… EASTER BAKES HOT CROSS BUN, EASTER EGG ICE CREAM & CHOCOLATE BROWNIE SANDWICH CINNAMON BUN & BREAD BUTTER PUDDING Served with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch and orange sauce, caramel crisp. An Easter make over for our now infamous cinnamon buns. COOK HAUS FEASTING BERLIN SPICED LAMB KEBAB Slow cooked spiced lamb, baba … Continued

ALBERT’S COOK HAUS TAKES YOU FAR BEYOND BAVARIA AND ALL AROUND THE ALPS. IT’S TIME TO DINE ALPINE.  LIKE MANY GREAT THINGS our boundaries and influences are a little blurry but, as a young Angela Merkel once (never) put it to us, ‘If you’re jumping off a mountain who knows where you’re gonna land?’ Well in our case, (if we can continue with this mountain … Continued

WORLD’S FIRST PILSNER BREAD FOR MANCHESTER’S FIRST TANKOVNA… ‘The beer equivalent of field to fork…’ As any beer geek will tell you, the freshest and best tasting beer is always found in the brewery. Unfortunately, they are not massively convenient for a quick pint. So the next best thing  is a ‘Tankovna’ or ‘tank bar’ where copper tanks … Continued