For our 14th edition we invite


Back to Mein…

Biome (Earth Agency)

Biome is a producer representative of this approach in that there is nothing rushed about his work and he only seems happy if what people are hearing from is something that he can call fully-formed. After first breaking into dubstep with the sort of big kicks and dark mid-range found on tunes like ‘Sonic’ he has honed his sound to something genuinely original and he’s now reaping the rewards of his patience and getting regular plays from some of the biggest names on the circuit.


Metrodome (LEVELZ)

“Nobody gets lost in the enjoyment of DJing more than METRODOME. Not only that his selections are the bomb, It’s always a real treat watching this guy do his thang. I can’t decide if he’s better at DJing or producing.”

(words by Il Bosco [Red Laser Records])