In 19th century Bavaria, the Paulaner brewery (bruhaus) planted trees above their bier cellars to keep the ground cool enough for the bier to ferment during the summer. Tables and chairs were added to sell brewery-fresh bier to passers-by. These pop up biergärtens were so popular, that other breweries quickly followed suit and local outraged innkeepers demanded for them to be outlawed.
The bier loving Bavarians fought back and in 1812, Bavaria’s first king, Maximillian the 1st, signed a royal decree to allow the breweries to keep the biergarten dream alive.


Albert’s Schloss and our friends at Paulaner invite you to experience a modern take on the original biergartens of Bavaria. Complete with full floral installations, cocktails in bloom AND and some very special summer guest biers…



Pronounced: Chauffeur + ah + (The) Hoff + ah!

As you might’ve guessed it’s from Germany, but what might surprise you is that it’s the world’s first wheat and grapefruit bier made from 50% Schofferhofer Hefeweizen blended with 50% grapefruit juice. 100% natural ingredients make this a must try guest bier for summer 2017.


Our fresh, unpasteurised tank bier, Pilsner Urquell is delivered direct from the brewery in the Czech Republic every week. From this summer we are serving it extra cold. We are freezing all our tankards to serve the freshest and coldest pint this side of the Danube. PROST!


‘The Imperial Belgian returns…’

The definitive example of a Belgian wit beer. A mellow, hazy light yellow body, citrus palette and a luxurious snow white head.


Our passion for heritage pilsners, lagers, dunkels direct from the the finest brew houses in Europe earn our title as the UKs first bonafide Bier Palace.




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