Every week our Promenaders & Haus Band take on a new theme at the Schloss. From surrealist new world’s of Mad Max, Schloss Airways, OuttaSpace, Studio 54, Ski Season, Wonderland & even most recently, Whoville – it seems there’s no boundaries or limitations to what we can create at our Haus.

In order to fully immerse our audiences, our glorious team of Creative Directors not only curate a brand new show every weekend for your viewing pleasure, they also dream up, design and further produce an entire troupe’s wardrobe, week in-week out.
Behind the seams of every costume, is our outstanding costume designer & all round performance chameleon – Joe Spencer. He revealed the process behind some of his favourite costumes to date for our recent AS/AH Entertainment Zine, take a look below and pick up a copy from Albert’s Schloss today.