There’s nothing quite like an ice cold pint of chilly pilly to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Our Tank Bier makes a 950 mile trip from Plzen every week to fill our 4 x copper bier tanks.

The world’s very first Pilsner dates back to 1842 – Bohemia was an ancient region which now makes up the Czech Republic. Brewing was already hugely popular in Plzen, but no one could get it quite right. Not until Bavarian brewer, Josef Groll, was hired.

Using the finest local ingredients, Joseph created a crisp and refreshing golden lager which soon became the most popular style of bier on the planet.


Pilsner Urquell tastes better with foam. Yes, that’s right — a thick head of dense, wet foam keeps in the freshness, adds smoothness and seals in flavour and aroma.

Pilsner Urquell have been using the same recipe for over 175 years, using traditional methods and 100% Czech ingredients to create their signature flavour. There’s nothing quite like it. Our Pilsner Urquell is served fresh and unpasteurised, straight from Plzen every week. Taste the difference. Na Zdraví!