In-Haus Bakery

Our baking wizards arrive at 5am every morning to prepare all of our artisan breads and pastries in our very own in-haus bakery.

We stick to traditional techniques, so that all of our bakes remain completely fresh and natural. It takes 25 hours to make a loaf of Sourdough from scratch!

Our bakers never fail to deliver Our Daily Bread – a new artisan special that sits alongside our haus loaves and schloafs.

The Line-Up

Monday: Classic Baguette

Tuesday: Pilsner Tiger Bread

Wednesday: Chorizo + Parmesan

Thursday: Beetroot + Goats Cheese

Friday: Challah

Saturday: Kalamata Olive + Thyme Fougasse

Sunday: Roasted Fig + Hazelnut

Sandwich of The Day

All of our breads and pastries are available to take away or devour in. Every Monday, a brand spankin’ new sandwich of the week graces the table. Don’t miss getting your chops around this week’s special haus-baked sub.

The Royal Prawn Star

Royal crayfish, crayfish marie rose, pickled cucumber, gem lettuce and crispy king prawns on our haus baked sub. Pair with fries or salad for just ten English pounds.

Pretzel Prep

To make our pretzels, fresh dough is rolled and twisted into shape before taking a dunk in lye water, giving them that proper pretzel crust. A sprinkle of sea salt is added and then it’s time for baking.

Best enjoyed with plenty of pickles, sweet mustard, bier cheese sauce and an ice cold pilsner.

Kronuts & Cruffins

The pastry for our cruffins and kronuts are proofed overnight to get the perfect rise before rolling in sugar and filling with indulgent new flavours – expect a new selection every Wednesday!

Throughout July-August, enjoy 50% schloff breakfast when you book in advance and take home a fresh bake!