‘The beer equivalent of field to fork…’

As any beer geek will tell you, the freshest and best tasting beer is always found in the brewery. Unfortunately, they are not massively convenient for a quick pint. So the next best thing  is a ‘Tankovna’ or ‘tank bar’ where copper tanks installed in the bar are filled with pure, fresh unpasteurised Pilsner straight from the source. There are no barrels, 3rd parties or lengthy distribution networks going on here.

Think of Albert’s Schloss as the beery equivalent of field to fork. Our Pilsner is brewery fresh and must be drunk within 7 days of delivery. The good people of Manchester are seemingly well up for this time limit challenge, but that’s another story.

So, Albert’s Schloss is Manchester’s first Tankovna, which earns us the noble title, Bier Palace. Running the beer direct from the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen, Czech Republic twice a week is a real commitment, but as with all great things, it is well worth the extra effort.

A Pint And A Slice Please…

                                                             ‘Why don’t we bake with it too?’

Albert’s Schloss is also home to the Cook Haus restaurant and Artisan bakery. Mark Vagner, our resident baking wizard, said that, ‘seeing as we have tanks of pure, unpasteurised beer available at our fingertips, why don’t we bake with it too?’ It was a bloody good point. After a bit of trial and error (of calorific proportions), Albert’s Schloaf, the World’s first Pilsner Urquell bread, was perfected last Sunday and is now made every morning in our bakery.

We Never Hold Back…

‘Morbier cheese, treacle cured bacon and a generous pour of Pilsner Urquell’

Never being ones to hold back, we went all out with a super indulgent list of ingredients; wild yeast, light rye, Morbier cheese, treacle cured bacon lardons, topped with a generous pour of Pilsner Urquell, straight from the tank, makes a supremely rich bread. It goes without saying that it tastes INCREDIBLE with a pint of pure golden Pilsner.

So, beer friends, stop doing whatever you are doing, cancel that meeting, make your excuses and join us at Manchester’s first Tankovna for a pint and a slice of golden glory.

 x Massive big ups to Dan Mullen and Mark Vagner who lovingly made this beautiful loaf  x

Schwing by real soon.