Welcome to Albert’s Schloss


Albert’s Schloss Opening Times | We are open 8am – 2am Monday – Friday. 9.30am – 2am Saturday & Sunday.

Find Us | Albert’s Schloss Peter Street, Manchester. View map 

Bookings | Book online for dining parties of to 6 people. For larger bookings please call us on 0161 833 4040

Dogs | Small dogs welcome; no dogs after 7pm or in the restaurant area

We always try to save space for walk in customers but booking in advance is always recommended. 

Who is Albert?

Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s main squeeze. Those Victorian lovebirds knocked up a pile of grand things during their reign…and this place is no exception. Albert’s Schloss will take residence on the ground floor of the iconic Albert Hall.


A Bavarian palace, country pile or chateau…fit for debauchery. Expect roaring fires, taxidermy, tankers, schnapps and spanking… and lots of wood. It’s Fantastiche…YAH!


Bavaria is a region of Southern Germany, where they consume the most beer on the planet and Bohemia is the old name for a neighbouring region in the Czech Republic (Yah, Bohemia is an actual place not just a term for people with beards) where they make the best beer on the planet. Albert’s Schloss is inspired by these regions, with perilous weekly cross-continental beer runs a must to fill the 4 x 900 pint copper barrels that dominate the bar.


The thinking man’s selection of booze on offer is nothing short of Holy Grail. Albert’s Schloss is Manchester’s first Tankovna, serving the freshest Pilsner this side of the Danube. Add to this, 10 heritage brews on the taps, Alpine cocktails, homemade Schnapps, an uber wine list and… well you get the picture. A text book Alpine Bier Palace that would make Albert proud.


Pretzels, doughnuts and cinnamon knots are freshly made everyday in the Schloss’s very own bakery. Albert’s Cook Haus serves up rustic, simple and fresh Schloss nosh all day long. The fodder is befitting of a country manor with more than a subtle Bavarian vibe. The more authentic fayre has some with incredible names (that really have to be shouted) such as ‘SCHWEINSHAXE’!? (pork knuckle). Keeping things slightly more real are the cracking steaks, heavenly burgers and seasonal specials together with fancy pants Bavarian flatbreads, sausages and snitzel…DAS IST SO DAM GOODE YAH!


Bavarians are the world’s most beer-loving people with an average annual consumption of 170 litres per person. Germans are also flying high in the European Champion League of top booze consuming nations.