Love, support, and trials and tribulations – the unarchived letters between Prince Albert and queen Victoria that give us a peek into the relatable relationship between our Al and Vic. 

150 years after creation the world was finally given a peep-hole look into the relationship Prince Albert and Queen Victoria shared through a series of handwritten letters. Letters of love, letters of dispute and everything in between. These letters give us a brief insight into the extremely relatable relationship that took place so long ago.



As we know, but some may not. The love that blossomed over the years between Albert and Victoria was a relationship that after Albert passed – was mourned by Victoria until her very own death. Just like the Bavarian palace we call home, Albert’s Schloss was named (along with many other famous streets and buildings) by Victoria to commemorate the love her and Albert shared over their many years together. 


“My dearest, most beloved Victoria.

I am so touched by the evidence of trust that you give me in sending your letters, and by the so affectionate sentiments that you express towards me therein, that I scarcely know how to reply to you. How have I earned so much love and so much warm-hearted kindness?

– I am still unable to accustom myself to the truth of all that I see and hear, and can only believe that Heaven has sent down an angel to me, whose radiance is intended to brighten my life. May I succeed in making you quite quite happy, as happy as you deserve to be!!

With body and soul I remain for ever your slave

Your devoted Albert”

on 15 Oct. 1839


The love between these two fabled individuals was something known to the world, but to be seen in this light is brand new. The compassion they felt for each other was obvious, and is even clearer when read from the very same notes that were passed between them.


 “Dearest Albert,

Can you come to me alone for a moment?

Your devoted V[ictoria].”


But just like every relationship – despite the obvious love between them – Prince Albert and Victoria struggled like everyone who shares a bond with another. 

Not every day is perfect, not every moment is doused in love and affection. Just like you and I, they fought, they squabbled, they disagreed, and as openly as they were with their love for each other, were just as open with their quarrels.


 “There is no need for me to promise to trust you, for it was not a question of trust, but of your fidgety nature, which makes you insist on entering, with feverish eagerness, into details about orders and wishes which, in the case of a Queen, are commands, to whomever they may be given[…]

“I do my duty towards you even though it means that life is embittered by ‘scenes’, when it should be governed by love and harmony. I look upon this with patience as a test which has to be undergone, but you hurt me desperately and at the same time do not help yourself.”


Their letters of dispute eventually went on to be destroyed by Princess Beatrice, the couple’s youngest daughter in 1940’s to protect the relationship and reputation of her beloved parents. However, it turns out the documents had been saved after all by an unknown archivist who made photographic copies for The Royal Archives to preserve them. In doing so, we’re able to look back now on the heart warming and truly relatable relationship these two iconic individuals shared.

At Albert’s Schloss, we embody this relationship. The good and the bad. The love, the desire, the fun and the hardships. We share values and hold each other dearly, as a team and as a host. Towards ourselves and towards the guests who choose to embrace us. 

It’s an honour to hold the name and to be a part of a relationship that ended so long ago, yet to us, never ended at all.

Thank you Albert and Victoria.