Pinot Noir

France, Burgundy

Have you ever felt misunderstood because you are not like the rest of your family or friends? Did you ever feel so completely unique that no one could copy you even if they tried? You are lucky my friend – you are Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir is one of the most loved but misunderstood or even misjudged grapes all around the world – we’ve all been there. It’s incredibly thin skin makes it a great challenge for the wine makers. You could describe it as a cool grape, literally. If it gets too hot, it ‘cooks’ inside from the inside out and bursts.

Thin skin means the wine itself is very low in tannin, therefore light to medium-bodied. In other words, the mouth-drying sensation you get when you drink wine is not as intense.

We at Albert Schloss accept all kinds of different. Our shelves are filled with beautiful Pinot Noir brought to us from Burgundy, France. It’s light but sharp what is not to like?!

Our advice – get yourself a chicken roast, a bottle of Pinot Noir and let your umbrellas dry by the fireplace and have the perfect evening to yourself – we won’t make you share.