Here at Schloss, we are keen to make sure that we are doing our bit for our environment, finding sustainable, quality products that care about their effect on the world. Our latest recruit on the back bar is Ramsbury Single Estate Gin!

Wiltshire is the home of the stunning 19,000-acre Ramsbury Estate, with a brewery and distillery where every element of the product goes full circle within. The natural, chalk filtered water source is combined with locally grown products to create Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka. This is then combined with a number of local botanicals and taken through the distillation process to create Ramsbury Single Estate Gin.

What’s more impressive is the full circle of the process. The heat source for the stills is generated using wood chip from their own sustainable woodland and the livestock fed the spent wheat from them. Water from the distillery is fed back to nature using a sustainable, multi-level reed bed system that uses a natural filtration method supported by local wildlife, leaving the water clean enough to drink at the end!

Ramsbury Gin is a key player in the new Applemeister cocktail here at Schloss, combined with apple, mint and other fresh flavours, its sure to give you an escape to the country from the rainy city!