Your Bier Palace Awaits…


High German – (Noun) \’sclo. s\


Chateau, palace, manor house
built as a retreat for recreation,
indulgence, pleasure and debauchery.



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Fantastisch musings and wild imaginings from Albert himself.

With winter upon us, the time for indulgence and luxury is here. Our incredible team have taken inspiration from our recent Alpine adventures to bring you the most divine Hot Schokolades ever to land in Schloss. Check out our super Schokolades below! OUR HAUS SCHOKOLADE Alpine milk + dark chocolate, whipped cream, torched marshmallow   … Continued
-7 DAYS OF SHOWTIME-   The winds of change have been blowing here at Albert’s Schloss. What’s that? You want a snazzy new Winter Cook Haus menu? We’ve got that! And a brand spanking new WINTERMÄRCHEN drinks menu with some of the most exciting cocktails in town? We’ve got that too! Something that’s not changed … Continued
Wintermärchen (high German) meaning / Colloquial term for the perfect winter’s day or dark fairytale or fable. Our winter drinks list is inspired by our travels throughout Alpine Europe and the Black Forest. Dark botanicals, forest berries, all with a fairytale twist. Your winter awaits, here’s our most recommended… bottoms up! BLACKBERRY AND SLOE G+T … Continued