Your Bier Palace Awaits…


High German – (Noun) \’sclo. s\


Chateau, palace, manor house
built as a retreat for recreation,
indulgence, pleasure and debauchery.



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Fantastisch musings and wild imaginings from Albert himself.

Since we set out our little stall a few years ago on Peter Street, there has always been one weekend that we especially look forward to in particular and that my darlings is August Pride. Those that have visited our delightful den of debauchery and decadence will know that we need absolutely no excuse whatsoever … Continued
There’s nothing quite like an ice cold pint of chilly pilly to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Our Tank Bier makes a 950 mile trip from Plzen every week to fill our 4 x copper bier tanks. The world’s very first Pilsner dates back to 1842 – Bohemia was an ancient region … Continued
Every night of the week, we celebrate the weird, the wild and the wonderment of live performance, music and cabaret. Here’s a few showstoppers that you won’t want to miss this week … Skittles & Friends Duke Box. Tuesday 23rd July Fresh from closing Manchester International Festival in Albert’s Square, Manchester’s very own underground poet … Continued