Your Bier Palace Awaits…


High German – (Noun) \’sclo. s\


Chateau, palace, manor house
built as a retreat for recreation,
indulgence, pleasure and debauchery.



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Fantastisch musings and wild imaginings from Albert himself.

February 19, 2020


EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE DAY Arguably the best day of the year has finally come back around and this year our Cook Haus has truly outdone themselves to bring you the perfect treat before you inevitably (but don’t) have to give something up for 40 days.   ‘LET THEM EAT (PAN)CAKES’ – MARIE-ANTOINETTE This year we’re switching … Continued
THE 7 FOOT SUPERMODEL Wanna see a woman who could wrap herself around you at least twice? Call Banksie. International performer, actress, industry featured model and all-around top dog. An integral part of the Manchester drag scene Banksie is an advocate for diversity & the arts.  She can be found commanding the stage and captivating … Continued
Roll up roll up! Family Von der Zircus are proud to present: The Last Show on Earth! Here we have for your delight our collection of wondrous specimens, all shoveled from the rubble. Let’s celebrate and commemorate, marvel and mourn. But Hurry, don’t stall, for the curtains will soon close on us all! Prepare to … Continued